Website reviews!

14 Jan 09 Let’s Jamplay

If want to learn how to play the guitar but you don’t have the time to go to a guitar school and attend sessions due to your busy schedule, that may be a bit of a problem. However, there is a solution for that, just as there is a solution to any problems in life. Jamplay offers viewable online guitar lesson. That means you don’t have to go to a studio and attend guitar lessons. All you need to do is pay a few bucks, log on to the site and view the lessons right through your PC. The lessons are filmed in high definition so that you can pay close attention to the instructor’s hand while picking, strumming and fretting on the guitar. That’s cool, isn’t it?

13 Jan 09 – Wikipedia’s Comedic Counterpart

If you think Wikipedia is a good source of information on the web, well you are right. But if you stumbled upon, you would think this would be better. Only that there is nothing serious about Uncyclopedia, it is pure spoof and fun. You should not take the stuff at Uncyclopedia seriously, or you might end up destroying your monitor. So if you want to have a relaxing night at home, read the articles at Uncyclopeida and surely you will be entertained like watching a Jim Carrey or Adam Snadler comedy film. Or better yet, hone your comedic skills and try to contribute a funny article at the site. It is open to the public and as states, should not be taken seriously as everything in Uncyclopedia is pure fun and spoof.

12 Jan 09 Having Fun at

If you want a YouTube website comedy-style, Funnyordie is what you are looking for. All the videos posted in this site are purely comedic films that will surely make you laugh and relax. Funnyordie is website for fun-loving people where everyone can enjoy watching the videos, voting it as their favorites and can watch the films over and over again. The video clips are of high quality resolution so you will enjoy it more. What’s more. Video spoofs on current events and political issues can also be watched at the site such as “A Message from George W Bush” by Will Ferrell and “Green team” by Will Ferrell, Adam McKay and John Reily. So you will surely have a relaxing time, de-stressing and watching at this site.

11 Jan 09

Green is the color of the world nowadays. Everybody is very much aware of the state of the environment across the globe. You may want to know how much you have been a factor to the environment’s destrutction or how much you have contributed at saving ecological balance. provides a calaculation of your contributions In the environment, whether on the positive side or at the negative end. The’s Ecological Footprint Quiz allows you to have an idea on whether you are a helper or destroyer of the environment. The site also gives advice on what you can do to help save the environment from being destroyed further. So go green and test your ecological footprint through this site.

10 Jan 09 Give Your Donations Through

Giving to charity is righteous, no question about it. But you should make sure that the donation really goes to the proper beneficiaries. ensures that every donation to schools or charitable rganizations will be delivered. The site gives the donors a choice of a particular project to aid. Several project proposals, which come different schools and charitable organizations, are pre-screened for verifications and posted at the site. So if you want to donate you can choose a specific project or projects. And then the website will buy the materials and ship directly to the beneficiaries. If you are already a donor of a particular charity, but is not in the site, you can sign the charity up at DonorsChoose so that more people will know of it and will donate on your favorite charity. That would be great, isn’t it?

09 Jan 09 Find a Travel Buddy with

Going to and coming from the airport is can be costly, the prices of the cab that is. Hence it would be a nice idea to find a partner with the same destination as yours and split off the charge thereby saving you both some money. At this situation is not unusual.the website offers people going to and from the airport to have some cab buddy to split the fare. The site matchers travelers based on their destination and provides a cab service. Hence the travelers benfit by splitting the fare. Apart from that, the travel matchmaking services of the site allows people to meet more people and establish friendly among the travelers.

08 Jan 09 – The Ultimate Book Finder

Students, professors or anybody looking for cheap books must try This online book search engine has more than 150 million books that is for sale. There is a wide range of books available to find at this website. All kinds of books – text books, brand new or used books, even those books that are already out-of-print and difficult to find at other online book catalogs – can be found using’s search engine. So people, most especially the students, who are looking for cheap books can use the site’s search engine and purchase directly from the publishers, eliminating middlemen who would put a markup. This way, the students can save some money.

07 Jan 09 Philosophize Your Thoughts at

Are you a frustrated philosopher and you want to pursue your dream of being a philospher? There is a website that can fill in your desire. Philosophize about anything with the scholars of You can ask anything, argue with the resident philosphers and talk about everything under the sun. the website allows everyone to post questions and even comment on any topic. You can ask about religion, or freedom, or happiness, or justice or even philosophy itself. Just put your question and the resident philosphy scholars would provide their is a community dedicated to spread philosophy to the general public, and not just the geeks or “geniuses.”

07 Jan 09 The Secret is Revealed at OpenSecrets

Are you curious about how the presidential candidates got their campaign funds and how they spent it? You can take a peek at the presidentiables’ expenditures at OpenSecrets . The site shows a comparison of each of the candidate’s fundraising activities and how much they have raised all throughout the campaign, from the nomination period to the general campaign. The site also shows a “week-by-week” fundraising activities of each candidate. You can even know which candidate raised the biggest fund from your community. Not only that. Even the members of the Congress’ personal finances are disclosed at the OpenSecrets. Now you can have an idea at how much your public officials are earning.

06 Jan 09 Food You Want? Provides It To You is all about food, and the use of multimedia is made to present information about food and everything about it. This cool website utilizes audio, video, photo, blogs, message boards and every possible thing that can be made out of the Internet. The site’s objective is to inform people about food. There is a section in the website where cooking tips are offered and comprehensive discussions about food culture and trends are available. offers its members endless information about food. So for those who are aspiring to become chefs, the website is a good starting point to learn about cooking and everything about food.